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Unique Ideas for a Wedding Reception

Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

Your wedding reception will be a very important aspect of your wedding, and you are going to want it to reflect the individuality of you and your partner. In this article, we will look at some unique wedding reception ideas that you can base your wedding reception around.

Different Themes to Look Into

  • Pop Culture Themes
  • Location Based Themes
  • Era based
  • Unique Details

Pop Culture Themes

wedding reception Pop culture is a massive part of our lives. This generation finds a lot of common ground with the shows, music, and books we ingest, and a lot of relationships grow from that. If you are planning a pop culture-themed wedding reception, be sure to choose something that is close to you and your partner, and reflects the relationship you have. Some general ideas include:

Books- Did you and your partner grow closer over a mutual love for Harry Potter? Or Lord of the Rings? Use this love to base your wedding around, including decorations, drinks, and food. 

Songs/Bands – Do you have a song that means a lot to your relationship? Make it the central focus, and draw on the lyrics to create unique food and drink names, décor, gift bags, and even entertainment.

TV Show/Movie – Nowadays most of us have a show that we watch exclusively with our partners, a show that we would get mad about them watching without us. Use that to base your wedding around, and you will be sure to have an event that is memorable.

Venue-Based Themes

There are a lot of interesting wedding venues available that you most would not think of. To create a truly unique reception, think about holding your reception at one of these sorts of place:

Aquarium – Places such as Ripley’s Aquarium have the option to rent out the aquarium for weddings and other events. It would make for a very interesting evening, getting married under sharks swimming around!

Art Gallery – Many art galleries have conference rooms that you are able to rent for your reception. If you and your partner are interested in art, than consider this as an option.  

Era-Based Themes

 Era Based Themes would be a mix between a wedding reception and a costume party. Pick an era that you enjoy. Maybe the Roaring ‘20s inspire you, or maybe you are more of the Swinging ‘60s is your thing. Either way, if you choose to go this route than you will have an easy time finding decorations, drinks, food, and entertainment.

Unique Details

If you are not into themed weddings, there are still ways to have an interesting and different wedding reception, and it comes down to the details. Here are some interesting ideas to add to your wedding:

Unique party favours- Be creative with the party favours you have at your wedding. You can create something that is both useful and memorable for your guests, and will be less likely to be tossed in a box and forgotten about.

Flower Station- Have your guests create their own flower arrangements by having a bouquet station set up. There guest will be able to make something beautiful and creative, and really get involved in your wedding. You could also take a picture of all the different bouquets for your wedding book.

Kids Station – If your wedding is a kid friendly zone, then be sure to create an area for them to enjoy themselves. You can make a very interesting spot for the kids to hang out, and be sure that the kids, and their parents, are able to enjoy your special day.


As we can see from this article, there are many ways to make your wedding reception interesting and different from the norm. Be sure to find something that is personal to you and your partner, and go from there. 

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