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Tips For Maintenance Of A Stump Grinders Bearing

A huge quantity of technical bearing data and process is given by the majority of bearing manufacturers. If you’re like me, you just don’t have the time, patience, or interest, in wading through all this advice, with cost-effectiveness being unsupported by the frequent need to outsource bearing maintenance, but nevertheless, do have an interest in conducting cost reduction for your tree stump grinder.

Replacement bearings price over #100 each, and represent a large part of overall machine maintenance expenses. This guide is intended for people who would like to decrease cost by increasing bearing service life. Bearing failure or premature bearing wear stump grinders is mostly due to insufficient maintenance of sterile lubricant.If you want to read more about bearing then you can visit the website plusmax.co.th/!/KITAGAWA/56ab8e738054dfdc55a003f5.

I use a pneumatic grease dispenser driven by an air compressor at every day’s end of stump grinding, using a grease top up out in the field, with a traditional hand-held grease pump. I use a good deal of grease but it’s much less costly than replacement bearings. When I re-grease bearings, I thoroughly purge the contaminated dirt, until clean grease exudes in the bearing.

A high melting point EP-2 grease is vital. I prefer a molybdenum disulfide (moly) enriched EP-2 complex grease as it’s a heavy-duty grease. Thus, to sum up, this paragraph, there are three principles of maximizing bearing life insofar as lubricants are concerned:

Choose the correct grease
employ the correct dirt correctly e.g in the correct amount
re-grease often

Another common cause of premature bearing wear stump grinders is insufficient or erroneous bearing adjustment ( for those machines using a flexible bearing wear takeup) Now I know how awkward obtaining bearings for alteration, can be on stump grinders.

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