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Security Agencies and their Roles in High Profile Events

An Insight into Role of Security Agencies in Success of High Profile Events

If you are planning a major event then it will be necessary to take into consideration several aspects. One such aspect you need to pay attention to it is security for the event and it will be necessary to hire a competent security agency for this rather complex task. 
Our aim here will be to analyze important details security firms need to focus on to make your event a successful one.

Role of Security Agencies in Success of High Profile Events

Access Control

security agencyDuring events a security agency needs to focus on access control at the venue. Few of the tasks they need to perform in this respect consist of:
• Visual inspection of people coming in
• Placement of security officers at venue gate to monitor suspicious behavior and activity
• Thorough search of briefcases and handbags
• Stop visitors from bringing in large objects (such as large bags or backpacks) which may well be utilized for concealing weapons or explosives

Facility Inspection

Security agency has to perform facility inspection to check:
• If alarms within the facility are working properly and being monitored
• Whether security gates and doors have alarms installed.
• Is there provision of automatic unlocking of doors in case of evacuation or fire?
• Is there a clearly defined floor plan which shows HVAC and electrical systems?
• Are critical systems (like air conditioning, ventilation, heating and gas systems) maintained in proper condition?
• What type of medical equipment should be made available at the venue?
• Is there a proper evacuation plan for the event?

Travel Route Monitoring and Traffic Control

To make the event successful your security agency will have to ensure traffic control rules are properly implemented so that guests and VIPs attending the event do not face any problems. As such security experts need to:
• Check availability of secure vehicles for transporting VIPs.
• Are travel route VIPs would be taking, secured and monitored?
• What happens if any damaged vehicle blocks the route? Are there standby tow trucks to clear the route?
• Will there be bystanders or spectators on the route? Are security concerns related to presence of such bystanders taken into consideration?
• Has counter surveillance being performed for traffic route of VIPs and guests to check suspicious vehicles or other security threats?

Issues Related to Credentialing

Credentialing is an important security aspect which your security agency needs to focus on. Important details they need to look into in this respect include:
• Security agency should ensure that sufficient information is provided on the badges so that it becomes easy to verify access level someone has and identity of such person.
• Utilize simple codes so that it becomes easier to interpret such codes.
• There should be necessary security features which make counterfeiting difficult.
• Security agency also has to decide about people who will not be receiving these badges.


To conclude it can be said that ensuring safety and security of everyone attending the event is very important and security agencies have required experience and expertise to accomplish this task.

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