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How to Charge Tenants for Property Damages

Expecting Damage from Normal Usage-Landlords must know that the use of a property results in normal wear and tear as the cost of doing business. In case the tenant is not able to pay the expenses of damage consult your lawyer. Before you give your tenant the responsibility of your house get an agreement signed by them about the damage related things. Get more claim tips of property damage from public claims adjuster. .

Assessing Damages- Worn carpets or chipped porcelain on sinks are some of the  defects that are exempt from consideration of damage by tenant use, and both parties may benefit from this by having an enumeration of all these defects included in a rental agreement. Laws that regulate landlord-tenant agreements vary by state or municipality, that are essential for landlords to seek an expert opinion from a local authority in case of any disputes between landlord and tenants which are very common in case of property damage. Get an estimate of repair from the contractor and that should be acceptable by both the parties. Disagreements make it difficult for landlords to charge tenants for damages.

Obtaining Payment- When a tenant notifies a landlord about vacating the property; a landlord can check and have a glance at the property to assess its condition. Landlords who receive notification of damage during the term of the lease may implement the repair process and add charges to the monthly rent. In case the tenant refuses to pay the charges landlord has the right to take legal action against him.

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