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Get Stylish Diamond Ring Settings

There are many designer diamond rings available in the markets. You can also find many ways to set a diamond ring according to your personal taste. Different colored diamonds are also used in the rings. You will see that there are many stores which are selling diamond rings. You need to make a research before choosing a particular store. You can view different designs through online sites like cushion cut engagement rings, round cut and etc.

Certain diamond ring stores may have a wider variety of band settings than others, so whether you're buying a ring off of the shelf or having one made to order just for you, ask to browse the actual store's ring catalog before you pick the best jeweler for you. Easy settings, like the prong setting, are more commonly obtainable, so be prepared to try and do a little extra legwork if you want a jeweler that sells diamond rings with increased usual settings.

The prong setting is in most cases used for solitaire rings, and can set 1 stone off perfectly. This kind of setting can allow your current diamond to sit either near the hand, or elevate that for further prominence. The prong setting, which creates a sort of basket shape in that your diamond rests, exposes more from the diamond than other forms of diamond ring settings, although this can display some sort of diamond beautifully, it in addition leaves the stone much more exposed, and vulnerable in order to damage.

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