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Defending Isagenix Cleanse Review: A Case Study in Flawed Thinking

Isagenix Cleanse Review


Besides detoxing the body, Isagenix Cleanse Review teaches people a wonderful lesson that they don’t need to eat as much as they are accustom to and eating healthy choices are important and also a lot of the food we are eating is nutritionally bankrupt. I posted my answer on a discussion list and it was picked up and published on the healthfraudoz website.  I didn’t set out to write an article about this. It started when I received an e-mail inquiry about IsagenixSandySzwarc approved of it and kindly reposted it on her Junkfood Science blog. A few commenters approved of what I wrote, but the majority of commenters tried to defend Isagenix.As I write, the comments on the healthfraudoz website have reached a total of 176. Their arguments were irrational, incompetent, and sometimes amusing. It was as if no one had actually read what I wrote. No one bothered to address any of my specific criticisms. No one offered any evidence that “detoxification” improves human health.

No one even tried to defend Isagenix’s false claims that toxicity accounts for most disease, by coating them with fat, and that internal organs become clogged and deteriorate if you don’t “cleanse.”No one tried to provide any rationale for the particular combination of ingredients in Isagenix products (242 of them!).

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