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Challenges in a Home-based Digital Audio Transcription Job

A home-based digital audio transcription job comes with a mixed bag of benefits and challenges. Thankfully, the benefits surpass the challenges not only in number but also in quality. In today’s post, we’ll look at some challenges that the profession poses.

  • Absence of supervision

  • In difficult times, a little guidance can show you the light. However, in the home-based digital audio transcription job, you have to work on your own, without any help or supervision.

  • Incomprehensible recordings

  • Sometimes, the audio recordings are incomprehensible, making it difficult for you to transcribe. In the absence of any supervision, you have to handle it completely on your own.

  • Unplanned work

  • There are times when you may face an increase in the number of reviews or an extended period of reviews. This not only causes stress but also spoils your work routine.

  • Pain in back and neck

  • Long hours in one seat may cause pain in the neck and the back.

  • Discomfort and pain in wrists

  • Typing for long hours causes pain in the wrists.

  • Straining of eyes

  • Looking at the monitor for long while typing may cause the eyes to strain.

Now that you have looked at the challenges, let’s look at ways you can cope with them.

  • Stick to a specific office time

  • Decide you daily working time and hours and stick to the routine.

  • Keep a buffer in your estimations

  • Keep some time for unplanned reviews in anticipation.

  • Invest in a comfortable seat

  • Buy a comfortable seat that can comfort your back and neck for long hours.

  • Use ergonomically-advanced keyboard and mouse

  • Use keyboards and mouse that are ergonomical; these ensure that your wrists do not feel any pain even after long hours of work.

  • Take weekly offs

  • Fix up a day in a week when you won’t work. Working without breaks can cause not only stress but also fatigue.

  • Go on vacations

  • Take vacations with your family and friends every few months. Go for short vacations every 3-4 months and long ones every six months or once every year.

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